What to Bring

Checklist of Items:

- Hunting License and ID
- Personal Medication (Please notify us in advance of any medical conditions)
- Rifle/Bow (extra ammo/arrows)
- Hat and Gloves
- Camouflage face mask for archery hunts
- Socks (Good wicking socks can make a huge difference in how your feet feel)
- Sturdy Hiking Boots
- Winter pac boots for rifle season
- Rain Gear (For while on horseback)
- Daypack
- Binoculars w/ harness system
- Compass/GPS
- Water Bottles/Hydration Bladder
- Headlamp w/ extra batteries
- Camera
- Small first aid kit with blister kit
- Knife
- Lighter/Fire Starter kit

A Note on Clothing:
With each hunter being different, it is hard to anticipate what each person will need to wear. The temperature and weather in Montana can change drastically through the fall. We recommend layering for maximum versatility. Your outer layer should be wool or fleece to avoid unnecessary noise while hunting. Wicking long underwear of several different weights is highly recommended for our trips, with wool socks to keep your feet warm and dry. We recommend waterproof boots with airbob soles. Make sure your boots are well broken in and fit comfortably. Contact us with any specific questions you may have regarding what to wear.

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