Trail Rides

Join us for a "Pack-nic" - a trail ride with a picnic!

Horseback Riding:
There is no better way to enjoy Montana's great outdoors than on the back of a horse. Come along for a fun-filled day of horseback riding that is sure to make for some great memories and unforgettable stories.

High Country Horseback Riding/Range Riding:
Take your horseback adventure to the next level. We will explore the narrow winding mountain trails high in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana, This trip is not for the weak hearted. Or we can spend the day herding cows high in their mountain range. Either option Is sure to be a time you will talk about for years to come.


We can custom build a trip to fit into your schedule.
Call us at (406) 889-3636 to discuss options and build your vacation of a lifetime.